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//Currently I'm working on a remake of this game.//

Pulcra Vermis is a first-person puzzle exploration game with elements of psychological horror. In the game, the main character finds himself trapped in a strange dimension with the only thing in sight being a colossal castle. But as if not enough, after lifting a mysterious book from the ground he starts hearing an impassive female voice. 

To progress, you can either follow the voice's plead for help or explore the castle independently in search of three books. There are 3 different endings to the game. 

//I made a remake of this game called Pulcra Vermis:Re//


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Version 2 Sep 09, 2019

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hi. just wanted to let you know "Pulcra Vermis" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it was a Top 10 pick of mine (4:03:30)


Wow, thank you lots! At the time I was so unsure on whether to publish the game or not but now I'm so glad I did! Hope you'll play the next iteration of Pulcra Vermis, the project for my last semester of university is to make a game so I'm planning to remake Pulcra Vermis, one of the goals is, hopefully, to make the whole castle open for exploration. Thank you for the support, it really pushed me forward today.


looking forward to it! it's nice to hear pulcra vermis is still getting dev support. whole castle exploration sounds exciting. for me, exploring the castle and maze in pulcra vermis was a big part of the fun. good luck with the remake's development and also on recesses of dilemma!


Thank you! <3


here's the video that captures my experience with pulcra vermis - initial playthrough, beating version 1, beating version 2

in short, it's refreshing to play a horror game where you solve puzzles rather than shoot at zombies. it has good atmosphere and a lot of potential. it was very good for a college project. it reminds me of myself, the first game i released started as a college project. but we put in some extra polish and released an improved version of the game we were happy with. i wish you well in your future projects


Wah! Thank you very much! It's so fun watching you guys play! You even found the easter egg! xD 

Thank you, I never intended for this game to be focused on horror. So much that the bad ending should have never existed as it is, a cheap jump scare.

Now I'm working on a new game which will be called " Recesses Of Dilemma", but I still plan to launch a third version of Pulcra Vermis in the future.

Thank you yet again for your kind words and well wishes. 


SKIP TO 17:11!!!

Thank you very much for playing! It seems it really isn't intuitive that the torch can be picked, will change that in a future release.


is there a secret ending to this game? i got into the labyrinth and she said "want to know why im silent? youll find out why at the end of this labyrinth" or something. i got too frustrated to continue but i was wondering.

Hey! The end of the labyrinth is the corridor in which appears the monster. The feminine voice actually belongs to the monster, there's no secret ending (at least for now). There's only a small easter egg in the game.


Oh now here is a good time! For being a school project this feels really well put together. Nice creeps and peeps!

Thank you very much!


This was pretty good! I just wish there was more to see in the game. Enemies lurking around, things to hide from. The castle is so big, there are so many possibilities of things to fill it with! Here's my playthrough:


Thank you very much! Indeed, the castle feels quite empty. This was an university project so I had to publish it due to a deadline. Hopefully when I launch version 3 in the future it won't feel as empty.


Cool game. Didn't really know what to do. I would recommend adding a little air control if you'er going to have jumping puzzles.


Thanks a lot and point taken!! Next version will have air control!


pretty cool traps around and castle.. i though some of -''souls'' boss would appear xD enjoyed for a while but then i dont know if this will be spoilers but cant get all 3 books in place, found them tho. dont know either if i can call it but cleared 2 endings xD nice work!

Thumbnail look abit kinkier than what i thought.. xD

(warning!! japanese lets play video! turn on subtitle)


Thank you very much!! Your playthrough was really fun to watch even though I don't understand japanese ( but I used auto translate so I still understood some things). You did well, 2 endings is already an accomplishment! To get all 3 books, you need to enter that room with the wooden plank and stand on its extremity, it moves with the character's weight. There you would find the key to the dining room. 


ah i though i would fall in to that pit if i stood on that plank at edge haha, always take a chance ive learned now for future xD thanks for sharing!


An interesting project. We enjoyed it very much.

The platforming part of the game was a little "hard" but all in all a good game.

Here is our playthrough (good ending):

**Spoiler: If you go to the maze you will get the bad ending.

Thank you very much! It eases my mind to actually see someone reach the good ending, it's not intuitive at all.


Can't waiting for Part 2 :) 

Yes! Though version 2 will be nothing too fancy, I will correct some things in order to make it more intuitive.


The game's pretty interesting. Though the maze really could use a map and maybe some variations of the bloodstained walls to have some plant life growth. Beyond that, it's not bad.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Thank you very much for giving it a try and for the valuable feedback!! I agree with everything you said and I'll have it in consideration when releasing a second version. The voice does feel robotic, unfortunately there's nothing much I can do about it since I'm using a text-to-speech service.


Not bad!! Had fun playing it!!
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Thanks a lot! Loved it! In order to move the wooden plank you don't need any external object, it moves with the weight of the character, you just have to stand on its extremity. As for the use of the books, beneath the statue of the woman there are three cavities in which you can insert them. These things are indeed not intuitive and I am sorry for I wasn't able to fix them due to being forced upon a deadline.


The Maze sucks!


Sorry, it's a college project so I was forced to publish it due to a deadline.


Full Gameplay with Bad Ending. Nice game but really hard to find ways in that maze :)

Thank you very much for giving it a try! Indeed, the maze is difficult. It's a college project so I was forced to publish it due to a deadline.

No Problem share my video for demo :)