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we played a long time ago the first version of Pulcra Vermis and it was amazing. We wanted to check your Page again and we see that you published a Remastered version and it looks amazing! We think that we are going to do a lets Play of the Remastered version and share it with you hopefully soon! Keep it up!
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Hey, I remember you! Thank you very much! Can't wait to watch your playthrough! 


I loved the atmosphere and the massive castle to explore- it was really interesting to wander around collecting things! 

I have to admit that the automatic voice for the girl was really off-putting (she sounds like Siri) kept yanking me out of the immersion. And in the end, I just couldn't master the controls well enough to maneuver on the wooden planks or jump on the bookshelves (it was too hard for me to hold 'E', 'Shift', 'Space' and hold the camera in place to see where I'm going). Fun game and I wish I could've completed it! 

Thanks for the experience :)

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm planning to make a remake of this remake in the future( as weird as it sounds) so when the time arrives I will hire a voice actor. As for the problems you've had with the platforming component of the game, those are recurrent problems and I'm definitely fixing them in the future.

I'm glad you liked the game, thank you yet again :)


Thanks for your reply! I don't think that's weird at all- why not keep building on it when you've got something great going here! :)

I couldn't help but mention the voice because I'm a voice actor- whenever I play games, the audio always jumps out the most to me. Speaking of which, if you do find that you'd like to use a VA in the future, you are very welcome to reach out!

Thanks again for sharing such an interesting game, I'll look forward to playing future versions/updates!


Hopefully don't take this the wrong way, just some feedback from my run, but the statue made me rage quit

-The scale of the map is a tad large for the amount of exploration. An increase of player speed or scale down of the map would help

-First person platforming? no thanks

-We could use a brightness setting or a glowier torch, the dark darks made it rough to see in the maze

-Puzzles and solutions could use a little more clarity and contextual clues

-The statue hoochie is too unforgiving. I she killed shot me and several others below and it seems maybe a location reset might be gentler, as well as a patch for her 'look at me' mechanic

Thanks for the experience, I appreciate your hard work :)

Thank you very much for playing! Enjoyed your playthrough!

I will address some of the issues you mentioned in the next update.

Also, putting the blue book aside, you were so close to one of the endings, did you forget about what you saw in the labyrinth at 6:17?


Hey, there~! I'm back, and I finished the video! Thanks again for giving me permission to take 'er for a spin - I had a lotta fun playing, despite some hiccups along the way! :)

Hahaha, thank you very much for playing!

And you did well by dropping the coins in the water, that well exists to turn some objects into golden ones, you could have turned the green book into a golden one. Also, there were quite a few places you've missed in the game, namely in the labyrinth, in the hall and in the library.


Hi ParagonEarth, the game seems impressive. Mystery and action match perfectly. Have you considered to make it global? If you need to localise the video game I'm here for you mate!!!! It would be successful, I'm pretty sure!

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Thank you very much! I'm grateful for your willingness to help but in the near future I  have no interest in localizing it.

i love it mate

check my simple game too please

i would really appreciate :)


SKIP TO 10:00!!!


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Thank you very much for playing!


the long-awaited remake!

it's a big improvement over the original. i really like the new aesthetic changes to the castle. and the new puzzles were fun to figure out. it's nice to see the labyrinth has more purpose this time around (and you can escape from it!). and it was cool to see vermis in the flesh! adding a crosshair would be nice to see added since it's a little tricky picking up items and there's so many this time around.

excellent work, hope you got a good grade on it ;) and good luck with recesses of dilemma!


Thank you very much! Your feedback throughout development definitely helped guide the game in the right direction, thank you for that as well!

I actually tried adding a crosshair but I don't know why it just kept flustering me so I removed it. In Recesses of Dilemma, however, I plan to keep it.

Recesses of Dilemma will be very different in a way yet very similar in concept, it will definitely take more time to make as I want to explore new game mechanics. Thank you.


Hi, it was interesting albeit I got lost and expected monster to jump on me at every room but it was a nice surprise to not be able t oexplore freely, I found only 2 endings, I spent a good maount of time finding the 3rd one but I just could not figure it :(

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Thank you very much for playing! Really cool to see someone find two endings, for the third ending you have to read the letter in the transparent starry room before going through the big door.


Can't believe it was right under my nose this whole time, thank you


I put a few hours into this game and honestly Im not sure if I was doing something incorrectly or the game was just buggy. I back tracked a few hundred times, dunked my book things in golden water after rearranging plates, stared at a naked statue while walking backwards up the stairs, And for the life of me I cant figure out what to do.

My best guess is I was suppose to bring both books to the statue and use them there but the bridge broke and I could never get back.

So I spent the rest of the game just jumping off of railings and running around out of bounds seeing if I could sneak into a secret room. Its not a bad game but I think it could use some polish. 

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You really tried your best to break my game haha.

In your video, at 7:31, I can't believe you've been there so many times yet still didn't see that chest, Vermis' words weren't aimless when she advised you to check the office. 

As for the bridge, It doesn't re-spawn endlessly, you should've been more careful the third time, but even with the bridge destroyed there's still another ending, but for that one you needed to open the chest at 7:31. I even added a brighter light behind those stairs to make it stand out, but it seems it's still hard to notice, I may add a Vermis comment there in the next update.

Anyway, thank you very much for playing and sorry for the inconveniences, that loud oscillating sound as well, I will delete it in the next update( but I think you know you weren't supposed to go there, I will block entry to that room completely).


By oscillating sound do you mean the fountain? That did get a little ear shattering. 


Yes, but the room in which that sound is triggered shouldn't be accessible. Will fix that in a future update. 

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Hey. I love your game. I expected screamers all the time, and the puzzles were very interesting. I made a video about how I played your game ( I am not an experienced youtuber, so if you dislike the videos and want them to be removed, just text me.)

I hope it will be interesting for you.


Thank you very much for playing! It really is refreshing to watch someone beat the platformers! 


Hey guys. I played more and got two bugs. First: when I drop a book at doors, it falls on the other side of these doors. Second: when I load the game, sometimes my stuff disappears, and I cannot get these things anymore. Both of these bugs you can see after 16:00 ( 16th minute) on my second video. I will replay the game again because I cannot finish it now. I cannot get the green book anymore at all.


Thank you for playing again!

Dropping items close to walls or other objects makes them go through them, I'm aware of that but I don't really have a solution in mind yet. As for the the second problem you mentioned, it's not a bug, there are few checkpoints in the game so the game sent you to the last one you activated, but yes, the save and load system is still far from perfect, those numbers appearing above the red book is definitely a bug.

Adding to that, even though you lost the green book it still doesn't break the game, you could still reach all of the three endings, let me give you a tip, there were a few things you missed in the game, mainly in the library and in the labyrinth, also, the blue key can be used differently.

Ok. Thank you. I will try it.


Hey, there~! Sorry, I don't have another way of contacting you, but I was wondering if I could do a YouTube video on your game? I wanted to ask before just goin' at it! Here's my channel, if ya wanna check it out before deciding!


Of course you can! Go for it!


Awesome sauce~! I'll letcha know when it's done! :)